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The Undiscovered Models of OnlyFans


Up your Game!

Dating Advice and Sex Tips from the Top OnlyFans Models

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The best-selling e-book for OnlyFans Creators.

the first e-magazine for onlyfans creators.

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As the premier adult creator management agency in the world, we are experts at accelerating models from all levels of success to the Top 1% of creators in the world.  We literally wrote the book and when you join our agency, our experts become your personal advisors to join this elite club.

What does this mean? It means we have great fucking expertise in this space. 

So if you're a new or established model in our industry, you're in for some luck. We've decided to use our coveted connections to help certain our models establish themselves as the cream of the crop in this fast-growing industry. 


PS: We have a reach of over 5 million, and work with some of the biggest names in porn. 


We guide you through the process of starting your account on OnlyFans, Fansly, Fancentro, VOYR, etc, and deliver our expertise on content direction, post scheduling, promotion management, and network of resources to ensure your account flourishes.


Do you know your demographic and the content that holds their engagement? This combined with daily life can be overwhelming. With our marketing campaigns, fan analysis, and strategic digital marketing experience, we can form a plan that not only expands your fan base substantially but puts you on the path with exponential growth from ground zero.


All of our OnlyFans top earners can attest to our in-depth data analysis of your growing fan base. We document all promotions, campaigns, and subscriptions for further analysis. This attention to numbers allows us to guide our adult creators to success through proven models.


Your fan page growth is dependent on your consistency through a broad combination of your social media platforms and digital outlets. There is no “one-way” approach. We utilize our marketing team's experience in digital advertising to expand on your demographic and fan base. From collaborations with top 3% earners to website creation for advertising space. We’ve got you covered.


Exhausted with the countless social platforms? Trying to keep track of when to post, where to post, and what to post to drive engaging fans to your page? 1MILLIONGIRLS  is a full-service talent agency. We handle content creation, content scheduling, and OnlyFans subscriber engagement.


You are the talent. We are the agency. Our job is to provide support in all forms so you can focus on delivering the absolute best available entertainment and content your customers can buy. Every top earner knows that the only way to actual growth is power in numbers. We take the pressure of social media & brand management, customer engagement, and marketing off of the talent so you can focus on what matters. Growth!



With ZINE, we decided to try something that had never been done before. And guess what? It worked. 


When you subscribe, you will receive high-conversion PPV Message Templates, Chatting Scripts and Routines, Social Media Captions, a Video Script, and so much more.

All in a

We send out a 
ZINE full of super exciting material every week. But it doesn't end there.


Journey to the Top 1%

1MILLIONGIRLS has established itself as the premier OnlyFans Management Agency on the planet today. Due to our boutique management style, we only work with a handful of clients at a time. Yet, we get dozens of requests every week from girls looking to be managed. 


The girls who work with us are mostly girls who do not have the time to manage their OnlyFans accounts by themselves, and hence wouldn’t mind giving up a chunk of their income to be managed. 


So we thought to ourselves, why not put out something which can help girls who want to manage their OnlyFans by themselves? Initially, we planned on releasing a simple guide only. But then said ‘Fuck it’, and put out every single one of our strategies, scripts, ideas and everything else needed to make it to the top.

White edition


Includes book only

pink edition


Includes book + Free banner + Lifetime access to the 'Journey to the Top 1%' Telegram group + additional learning material

gold edition


Everything in White and Pink editions + Full Account and Strategy Review + 5 issues of ZINE Magazine + Custom Tip Menu

Out Now!

Out now!

Out now!

our services.

  • Customer acquisition
    We take care of bringing you paying subscribers


  • Customer monetisation 
    We handle everything on OnlyFans, from maximising your tips to getting paid for extra content. 

  • Content management
    All you need to do send us the content we tell you to. Everything else is taken care of by us. Our copywriters and content managers take care of captions and call-to-actions to maximise payment and tips. 

  • direct message handling
    Our team will handle all your incoming messages and convert your fans to paying subscribers using tried and tested scripts.

  • Customer Relations Management
    We develop relations with your highest paying customers for you in order to maximise your tips and payments and convert fans to superfans. 


We work with models, actresses, fitness gurus, female influencers and show them exactly how to take their personal brand to new highs they never before imagined. 

Perception is reality. Our team of professional account managers, will define the vision for your brand and teach you how to perceive yourself in a completely different light. 

At 1MILLIONGIRLS, our team of dedicated  business professionals will take care of not just your personal brand, but any other opportunities that arise from it as well, such as: lingerie lines, books, product endorsements, etc. 

Presenting 1MG Ala Carte.

The gold standard of management. Without any obligations. 

Bespoke copywriting
Stellar web-design
hypnotic photo-editing


We offer private consultations to help you build your personal brand.

Once you’ve built a loyal following and have crossed 1 million followers, you are more than just an influencer. Your Instagram account is now a platform capable of supporting a business in its entirety. The reason girls don’t take advantage of this, is because they don't have the technical expertise or know-how required to get a business off the ground at almost no cost. 

We will show you how to use your following to build a multi-million dollar brand starting from absolute scratch, without requiring any up-front investment whatsoever.

We will help you decide on a product line, a company name, marketing strategy and also help you out with building your supply chain and back-end, finding manufacturers, setting up your business website, registering your company and anything else required. 

If you’re interested in using your social media following to build a company of your own, book an appointment with us today!


All appointments must be booked at least 30 days in advance.

Price: On request

You need to have a minimum of 1 million followers on Instagram in order to book a consultation with us. 


about us.

High Fashion model woman in colorful bri

When OnlyFans launched in 2016, they took the influencer industry by storm. Social Media influencers, particularly women finally realised their earning potential and how valuable their followers on Instagram and Twitter were. With OnlyFans, women started making 6-figure sums in a matter of months. But influencers found that they weren't able to make large sums on their own. They required outside counsel.


Today, 1MILLIONGIRLS is owned by Voyager Media group. VMG use their deep-rooted experience in the industry to help models maximise their potential. 


VMG loves OnlyFans for its ability to provide women the opportunity to support themselves and not have to depend on anyone else to get by. The goal at 1MILLIONGIRLS is to help as many women as we can become completely financially independent in this new world with limitless possibilities.

You can learn more about Voyager Media Group here.

we respect your privacy.

We are discreet about who we work with. Any personal information you share with us will not be made public. We respect your privacy and your opinion. We will never ask you to share any pictures or content which you aren't fully comfortable sharing.


To know more, email or call us at: 


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