The 1MG  Catalogue

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The Undiscovered Models of OnlyFans

The sexiest ModelS.
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Lana Jade

The 1MG  Catalogue

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Today, the only OnlyFans models who receive all the attention are social media influencers-turned OnlyFans models. However, having worked with some of the best OnlyFans talent, we know that there's a ton of undiscovered talent on the platform. The sexiest models with the hottest OnlyFans accounts aren't the ones who were former celebrities but are the ones who work full-time on OnlyFans in order to provide the best possible experience to all their fans. 

We felt that we needed to do something to put these models in the spotlight, and that it was our duty to let OnlyFans subscribers know that there’s a lot more talent out there, talent which would completely redefine the way they used the platform. 

And this is why, we created  The1MG Catalogue. 

Moody Malishka
Eden Alodie

The1MG Catalogue is a weekly catalogue in which we recommend our favourite OnlyFans models, the 1MG  Cats, of the week. We critique every aspect of the creator's account, and provide an in-depth review of the account, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you subscribe.


The cutest girl next door. The baddest domme. The sexiest gamer girl. The dirtiest MILF. And more! 

The1MG Catalogue features only the best models from every category! 

1MG  Cats

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Who are they?

1MG  Cats are creators who upload the most stunning content and provide the best overall fan experience, that you wouldn't normally come across on social media or read about in the news. Every 1MG  Cat has a certain je-ne-sais-quois, something special about her which can’t quite be put into words. They are drop-dead gorgeous models who are as naughty and kinky as they come. All Cats have that ‘thing’ which only few creators seem to possess. 

The purpose of subscribing to a creator is to receive the full girlfriend experience online, yet most mainstream OnlyFans creators are too busy to actually engage with their fans. However, every 1MG  Cat will give you the very experience you’ve been craving for. Every Cat will make you forget that the interaction is virtual and will allow you to transcend the boundaries set by your computer screen. 

How we pick them?

Every  Cat is handpicked by us after a thorough review of her content and fan-service, so when you subscribe, you can be sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. 


We also make sure that all 1MG  Cats upload the hottest, and highest-quality content, and more importantly, that they actually upload the content they say they do. Put simply, if an OnlyFans creator is a 1MG  Cat, you know she's the real deal. 

Keep in mind, all 1MG  Cats aren’t necessarily in the top 1%. Many are simply creators who have tremendous potential, but just haven’t managed to put themselves out there. 

Up your Game!

Dating Advice and Sex Tips from the Top OnlyFans Models
Up your Game
Amber Adams

In every issue of The1MG Catalogue, 1MG Cats answer the most taboo, provocative and common questions men have about dating and sex. These are the questions you’ve always wanted to ask girls, but for obvious reasons, never have. Now however, you get all the advice and tips you’ve ever wanted, from some of the most sought after women on the planet! After all, who better to take advice from, than the very women you want to go out with? 


From basic dating questions like ‘is the guy expected to pay for the first date?’, to questions about bedroom acrobatics like ‘what are some of the most common mistakes guys make in bed?’, we’ve covered it all in The1MG Catalogue!


The advice you get in most mainstream magazines is sugarcoated because they don’t want to lose subscribers. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But in The1MG Catalogue, we’ve made sure all the advice is as raw as it gets. We publish only the ugly truth! 


For the first time ever, you’re going to be told exactly what you need to do to get the women of your dreams, by the women of your dreams! 

Cat Questions

Dirty Questions. Dirtier Answers. 

Bare. Blunt. Unembellished. 


We thought the  Cat Questions would just be a fun addition to the  Catalogue, but they’ve turned out to be the best part of it! 

The models have answered some of the kinkiest, dirtiest, and most explicit questions you could think of, honestly and in the naughtiest way possible. Just reading them will get you going!


We didn’t expect the models to answer the questions as explicitly as they did, but more importantly, we didn’t expect just reading answers to be so fun!

All answers to  Cat Questions are completely unedited by us. We’ve left all the typos and all the punctuation errors just the way they are, so you get to experience the answers in their raw form, just how the models sent them to us. Many featured models don’t speak English as their first language, so you’ll get a perfect feel of their culture and accent just by reading the broken English they write in. 

We promise you, this is unlike anything you've ever seen before!

what's in every  Catalogue?

Tegan Rose
  • The hottest OnlyFans models of the week for all niches, along with pictures!

  • Sex, Relationship and Dating advice from all Cats!

  • Free Trial Links!

  • Secret Messages, which will get you freebies when you send them to the model!

  • An in-depth review of every  Cat!

  • Name, Age, Measurements, Location and other stats for every  Cat!

  • The content every  Cat has on her profile!

  • Every  Cat's answer to some of the naughtiest and kinkiest questions!

  • A bit about every  Cats journey so far!

Note: All 1MG Cats are independent content creators and are not managed by 1MILLIONGIRLS. 1MILLIONGIRLS has no stake in the revenue/profit made from the OnlyFans account of any model featured in The 1MG Catalogue.