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Presenting 1MG Ala Carte.

The gold standard of management. Without any obligations. 

1MILLIONGIRLS has pioneered the OnlyFans Management industry you’re familiar with today. When we first started out, our industry-defining services were only available to a select few, the girls who were lucky enough to work for us.

But we’ve come a long way since. Huge success in the management of OnlyFans models has allowed us to expand operations, while maintaining the exemplary standard expected of us.

We now offer our once-upon-a-time exclusive services on an ala carte basis for any aspiring model to employ. You can now avail the resources of an A-Grade management agency, without having to meet the demanding goals and targets required by one. 

Hypnotic photo-editing

If you want to stand a chance of reaching the top 1%, every aspect of your account needs to be flawless. The foundation of any top OnlyFans account is made up of high-quality, tantalising photos. Your photos need to hypnotise viewers, leaving them with no other option but to subscribe to your page.

Allow us to radically transform your images and redefine the boundaries of photo-editing, to those which you never thought possible. Breast and booty enhancement, face slimming, body toning, lip enhancement, iris recolouring, eyebrow improvement, teeth whitening, skin defects removal......we could keep going. Why not just give it a try?

We are the only OnlyFans management agency to use cutting-edge Luminar AI (artificial intelligence) technology to edit photos.

"A survey by Girlsaskguys.com revealed that 60% of guys don't like pictures with filters. Just 28% of guys do. Our editing ensures that your pictures are left as close to your natural look as possible, while getting rid of any imperfections."


All packages include:

  • Body shaping 

  • Breast and booty enhancement 

  • Skin toning

  • Iris recolouring 

  • Contouring 

  • Teeth whitening

  • Wrinkle and Blemish removal 

  • Lip enhancement 

  • Eyebrow improvement

  • Face slimming

  • and much, much more

Monthly: $1000

half yearly: $5000

stellar web-design

As a top-tier model, you need something which sets you apart from the herd. Something which emphasises your individuality and highlights your irresistibility. And there’s nothing better to do this than having your very own website. Designed by the best, of course.

Creating a website is the very first thing we do for all the new girls who join us. You now have access to our exceptional web designers, without the responsibilities that come with working for us. 



Set yourself apart as an individual. We'll show you how.


You're not just paying for a website. You're paying for a brand. Your brand.

We'll design the website centred around a theme which you help us decide on.


Our Branding Package includes: 

  • Your own logo

  • Animated Motion Video

  • Branded template for pictures

  • Website text written by our copywriters which is centred around your theme and highlights your brand


Now, you finally can set yourself apart as an individual content creator, and convey to your followers that you're more than just a face behind a screen.

*We will retouch and enhance any images you send us for your website. 
**1 year free domain registration when you purchase a website from us. 

price: $500

bespoke copywriting

You will never have to think again. We’ll write your Bio’s, Captions, Welcome Messages, PPV Messages, Target Captions, SFS Messages, Promo Messages, Chatting scripts and most importantly, our highly sought after DM Conversion Script. Tailored specifically to you and the type of content you create.

The DM Conversion Script is a script which you use when you get hit up by random guys on social media. Most girls get confused about how to ask guys who DM them to message them on your OnlyFans instead. Many feel obligated to talk to them at least for some time before making the ‘ask’ and think it would be rude to ask immediately. The DM Conversion Script takes the guess work out of everything and will make your life much simpler.

We write everything with just one aim in mind: To ensure the highest possible conversions. Because that’s what differentiates the 1% models from the rest. Girls in the top 1% only use professionally written scripts and captions, which in turn leads to a much higher conversion rate compared to your average OnlyFans model.

(not recommended if you have already bought 'Journey to the Top 1%')


  • Welcome Message 

  • Custom DM Conversion Script

  • 100+ captions

  • 'Keep rebill on' message

  • Chatting Scripts

  • Bio's

  • Target Captions

  • PPV Message Captions

  • Promo Captions (for SFS and Discord)

  • much, much more!

price: $100